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Whose Line Is It Anyway (US) season 1 episode 3

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Whose Line Is It Anyway Returning to TV

  • Kathy's outraged mother, Wayne, makes a dramatic entrance and catches them in the act.
  • Wayne's line doesn't really make sense unless you saw the episode in which she appears.
  • It features some of the world's finest improvisational comics.
  • Now we come to our first clip from the original U.

Indeed, the title of the show itself is a comedic riposte to another radio show, What's My Linemerged with the title of a teleplay and eventual theatrical play Whose Life Is It Anyway? Chip is an Italian singing gondolier whose boat has sprung a leak. Seuss-inspired pickup lines. Multiple Personalities - Greg, Wayne, and Ryan. In Sound effects, Colin is an emergency room-surgeon getting called in on new-years eve, where Ryan provides the sound effects.

Jerry wins, so everybody pretends they're backstage at The Jerry Springer Show. But this time, unknown to him, something was about to go very wrong, and his musical and spelling skills were going to be put to the ultimate test. Ryan and Julie are dead, Wayne dies when he enters the scene, Colin takes their bodies and keeps the scene going. Next up after a long absence was Scene to Rap, with Top Gun the subject. Audience member Jess does the sfx for Ryan and audience member Marcy does them for Colin.

Song Titles has the four at an office Christmas party. The format of the American version was very similar to the British program. Snackwell introduces models Ryan, find a hookup in vegas Colin and Wayne in the race car driver fashion show.

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He made an appearance on Chappelle's Showpoking fun at his squeaky-clean persona. Making mundane instructions sound sexy. Showstopping Number Wayne, introduction lines for Colin and Ryan are in.

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Wayne Brady - - Whose line is it anyway dating game

Wayne wins, and he looks on at Helping Hands as Ryan hands provided by Colin is at a cabin in the woods proposing to his girlfriend Drew. Then, Helping Hands had Colin providing hands for pirate captain Ryan showing new recruit Whoopi how to be a pirate. Nevertheless, judging by the games played, they've drastically changed the playing of the first games. Jeff is a hit man who bursts in, gun in hand, determined to finish him off.

Though the first episodes on volume one were still new and a bit tamed, this second volume will guarantee you harder laughs my cheeks were bruised from all those laughs. Credit reading was Brad and Wayne as greased pig catchers with Ryan and Colin th. Inhe enrolled at the University of Miami. Film Dub has Ryan, Denny, and Colin improvising an announcement at the airline office.

Colin wins, so the rest are punished with a game of Props. What you think your fellow cast memebers should title their autobiographies. Starting with the letter Q. Stiles appeared as a supporting character on the sitcom Two and a Half Men. Wayne sang to Terri who worked in a clothing store and goes to the beach in a gospel style in Song Styles.

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Questions Only - tensions rise in the cottage where Snow White and the seven dwarves live. They skip the Drew game again and have all four do an Irish Drinking Song about graduation. In Dubbing, Colin is an explorer who finds Jane, audience member Rachel voiced by Brad in the jungle, dating gay taking Cheetah for a walk and tries to pursuade her to return to civilization with him.

  1. His reaction is priceless.
  2. Starting with the letter G.
  3. Things were going fine until Ryan went for a drink.
  4. Of course this eventually backfired when he left it out during a commercial break and Wayne Brady seized the opportunity to play a prank on his boss.
  5. Then Ryan and Colin search for something that is stinking up their house doing the same motions that the others did.

This may be due to the change in segment producers, from Anne Hardy to Jonathan Barry, as shown on the credits below. Normally, the results are just funny. Colin was the judge, Stephen Frost was the attorney, and Ryan and Tony were the witnesses. However, if you're a casual fan, who understands the premise s of the show and familiar with the performers and the games, I'd say this second volume is the better investment from the first.

Whose Line Is It Anyway Wiki

Action Replay Kathy and Wayne act out a scene where the boss is arriving for dinner any minute. Brad and Colin are the winners, but instead of playing a game with Drew or, with that pairing of winners, instead of playing Three-Headed Broadway Star read the credits as. Icehole sounds much like another word, so they constantly repeated it. When they were asking for suggestions, one man mentions a bikini wax as a major event.

In Bartender, Chip tends to Colin, who is mad about his haircut, and Ryan, who is in love with his shoes. You gotta love that guy sometimes. Brady, was a part of that night's taping, but not that particular episode. Finally, the entire gang, except Drew, sing another Blind Date Hoedown.

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Let's Make a Date is a game in which one performer is the contestant on a dating- type show. FunTrivia is a collaborative community effort, where we are constantly updating questions to keep them accurate. Of substance this days backfired when he too it out during a locked groom and Wayne Brady asked the objective to memory a black adult dating sites on his lady. At the beginning of the scene Ryan pretends that he is playing a video game when Colin says the line. Of course, if you're a huge Whose Line fan, the first volume is a must to stock up on your collection.

The major gimmick on that series was that the acting was done in front of a green screenand animators later added cartoon imagery to the scenes. Then, Ryan and Colin perform a different scene using the same body movements. She doesn't come around me, she doesn't let me touch. Greg put on an Elmer Fudd and sat on the stool, professionals dating claiming that he was looking for the beaver. Here we have the time Drew brought a personal recorder with him to set and began using it to give out points.

It springs Greg Proopsa go great deal and a bloke of life clarity. This song was about the First Kiss. Index Newest Popular Best.

The Full Episode

Greg was declared the winner so Drew joined the others in a game of Props. President, leave the intern alone'! In Scene to Rap the four rap in Jurassic Park. In Bartender Chip tends to Wayne, who is celebrating puberty, Ryan, who thinks he's a princess, and Colin, who is angry about his divorce. Ryan is the loud-mouth, busy-body checker.

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Wayne is again on sports as an excited Japanese tourist. Brady wouldn't be that way! My friends, all they hate me, they don't let me play. Wayne and Ryan do a scene set on an international flight.

Whose Line Is It Anyway - Quotes Interesting Facts
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