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Have you ever had a vote for your users? Even Basement Cat is disapointed. It was hidden much better this time than the last time you folks changed some stuff around. Image size optimization can help to speed up a website loading time. The world is changing, with anything and everything going online.

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To the point where you only hear negative or indifference. Ohai, Janet, So sad to as we all witness the demise of our wondrous Cheezland. Some of the images are from private collections and copyright or other restrictions may apply. Well, it was fun while it lasted. Text should be directly below or perhaps above the graphic it is referencing.

Failblog dating page 71

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Not that you were going to. My only request is to have the mods clamp down on the blatant politics. The videos have gone way downhill. Which is a completely unusable site.

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Pretty much kills the concept of Cheez for me. All other uses require a usage fee. The site is growing, too, so by the time yo visit there will be even more. Same thing with the options to re-caption, see the other captions made using the same picture, as well as the lists for other cheezsites. The beta format was slow, an eyesore, and overall did not improve my browsing experience in the slightest, old and I know I am not alone in this view.

Change has always been constant here. This new version is atrocious. The new layout simply does not work with how the Daily What is written.

Have fun being Forever alone because nobody else has that kinda time! Powered by the cute and insane WordPress. At the same time, slamming ideologies or theologies is also not conducive to return visitors. Now, the horrendously eye painful site?

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Right now, I am choosing to opt-out. Also nice to see the return of the ratings. It is slow, buggy and lacks in creativity of any type.

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Finding meaningful and discover the games of intimacy. We should have the option to change back to the old look. The simplicity just screams out bland and pale to me. Could you check your spam filter or shoot us an email at contactus cheezburger.

We apologize that some of the requests are taking a long time, but we want to implement them as best as we can. It just goes on forever and ever making page navigation a bit tedious and awkward. To make sure potential buyers would know how it worked, he put it on to demonstrate. Please let me have that back.

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If you do go through with this change, I will be leaving. Or, could you try clearing your cache to see if that helps? It is like an annoying Easter egg hunt! Hi Emily, I use google chrome. Language and encoding Good result.

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This new format is truly a mistake. What is the best reptile website to go to? He also mentioned that the impulsive purchase came as the result of a difficult breakup. Whats the best site to have fun? Like that the tabs are gone at the top-less wasted space.

What is the East Side Boxing Forum? How about specifying your complaints and listing them in the site forum or contacting the appropriate Supervisors. Everybody hates the new look.

This guy didn't hold fails, and it looks like failblog approach dating working wonders for him. These wedding photographers failblog just tell when things mine destined for greatness or ultimate destruction. So failblog in these awkward moments and be glad for any social grace you already possess. Play hard to deeper dating ken page.

  1. This sounds like a drastic move, but it worked out well for Ian.
  2. Can you please switch it back or is there anyway I can view the old look?
  3. And we read left to right, uh, right?
  4. Download Cheezburger App for Free.
  5. The main thing I noticed makes the site less intuitive is that the titles pictures are on the right side of the photos, whereas before they were above the submission.

Whats the best legit free dating site? Personally, I like the shorter, finite pages. Continuous scroll is annoying because if you have your mouse settings to scroll the page with the laptop mouse, if you touch the mouse the wrong way the whole page scrolls back to the top. The long scrolling page seems to take longer to load on my laptop too, and slows things down a lot.

Grats on myspacing it up in here. Among those would be personal clothing items, such as panties. Maybe if the site were in Hebrew or something. Is it possible to turn off the infinite scrolling? If this is how you treat your users, your site is going the way of Myspace.

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