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Barney Frank, bank-reform author, wants U. Barney Frank at Wikipedia's sister projects.

You play into their hand when you let them provoke you into overdoing it. We need the restoration of freedom. And he is reaping the rewards. The media reached the conclusion that I had come out as an atheist.

Gambling Firms Bet On Barney Frank

On Media Sunday hosts on Cain's rise. Betting on gambling to help cure our economic problems is, well, just that, betting. Neighborhoods in Frank's district bordered the Combat Zone. American Humanist Association.

Frank pushes cause reaps the donations

Please enter your name here. When will our media wake up to the buying of Legislation by those that can? View the discussion thread. He said he would not run in the special election that would be held to fill the seat for the remainder of Kerry's term. They have to get all of the money.

Frank's undergraduate studies were interrupted by the death of his father, and Frank took a year off to help resolve the family's affairs prior to his graduation. Poker advocates, unite and work for reform! No costs, extra revenue, tens of thousands of jobs.

Gambling Firms Bet On Barney Frank

Slip me some money in the form of campaign contributions and I'll help provide you with goodies! Please try again, or click here to retrieve your password. It really does make sense for the government to pass pro-poker legislation. Making online gambling legal will not cure our economic problems. For his first term, Frank represented a district in the western and southern suburbs of Boston, anchored by Brookline and his hometown of Newton.

Recent donors to his campaign account include a pit boss at the Bellagio Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, and a professional player named Chris Moneymaker, the Globe reported. They know that it means increased competition for their land based casinos. The games bore him, and he thinks he would be terrible at them even if he tried. United States Government Printing Office. Reed Pickering Silsbee Barstow B.

Get reporter alerts Anna Palmer Email. He's never played a slot machine, doesn't go to casinos, and has never tried to gamble online. This is exactly the kind of measure that the Super Committee should be taking next month.

Lyman Ely Burnett Candler G. Temple Of Nudges Slot Game. Both sides of the aisle should work to get federal internet poker licensing done for the good of the country.

Not everyone is betting on the supercommittee to be the way to resolve the issue. You need to strike while the iron is hot. We need consumer protections. He talked primarily about the politicized case of Terri Sciavo and the public's evolving view about government intrusion into personal healthcare decisions. House of Representatives from Massachusetts.

Dwight Briggs Jackson Hastings H. Bradbury Bartlett Cutler Stedman A.

Frank pushes cause reaps the donations

This whole situation is becoming an absolute mess, with online poker players in the United States being the victims and everyone else becoming rich or invested in with blue collar money. Instead of banning online poker, they need to regulate the industry with laws and checks-and-balances to protect the players from fraud, money laundering, and corruption. More than any other lawmaker, best casinos online slots Frank is cited by online gamblers as their standard-bearer.

Frank said he didn't remember where the fund-raiser was held. Frank is just another congressman who has been willing to associate with criminals. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Barney Frank Cult Hero for Online Gambling


Among his clients is the Interactive Gaming Council, a group that includes some of the biggest online gambling companies in the world. Unlikely ace for online gambling Frank pushes cause, reaps the donations Barney Frank favors casinos in Massachusetts. Publicly traded gambling firms like PartyGaming and Holdings by contrast pulled out of the United States after the passing of the act.

Barney Frank Cult Hero for Online GamblingBarney Frank