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He makes a pass at Yukiko Amagi at the beginning of the game, and is rejected. The game supports the wireless networking features of the Vita, allowing a player to call in help from other players to help in dungeon battles. This encourages Kanji to punch his own Shadow, taking it out of the battle. Everyone returns to the real world to bring Nanako to the hospital, where she is placed in intensive care.

And don't stress about one character only being your friend. Ameno-sagiri raises Yu up to test whether or not his bonds are strong and genuine, and extract them from his body. After they disappeared, their appearances on the Midnight Channel became clear and in-focus and representative of their inner emotions. The Shadow laments on Naoto's difficulty to make friends, executive dating her parent's death and being discredited for her age and gender.

As the team celebrates a successful turnout, Marie feels a disturbing sensation when she sees Tohru Adachi in the crowd below. As the group fights Yukiko's Shadow, Chie reveals her jealousy towards Yukiko, giving Yukiko the strength to break free and allowing the others to defeat her Shadow. As such, keeping the protagonist alive is one of the highest priorities. Make sure this is what you intended. On the last day of camping, Yosuke convinces the girls to go swimming, having bought swimsuits for them at Junes.

In the Velvet Room, Margaret congratulates their guest on being able to surpass the greatest challenge he has had to face so far. Upon realizing that there was somebody alongside them that they have somehow forgotten about, Yu and the others decide they should investigate once they return home. Nanako asks Yu what he has been up to for the whole summer break, and he begins to tell her what he has done. The game features a weather forecast system with events happening on foggy days to replace the moon phase system implemented in the previous games.

Persona 4 dating

After Naoto's dark self is defeated, Naoto decides to give a female identity another try. Naoto steps out to get some air, and Yu goes to join her, but not before finishing the mega beef bowl for the first time, much to everyone's shock. The game's ending then plays out the same, after the credits, the protagonist passes by Adachi at a level crossing.

An article in the issue detailed the game's murder mystery premise, rural setting, and new weather forecast system. During his year-long stay, he becomes involved in investigating mysterious murders while harnessing the power of summoning Persona. This will likely increase the time it takes for your changes to go live.

Yu manages to console her, which causes Ai to force Yu into dating her until she finds someone else. Are there any specific benefits to dating anyone in particular? Yu apologizes to her at the nurse's office, and then asks to listen to her play the trombone. Bring back the main forum list. Listed below will be the name of the person or group of the Social link, the Arcana type they favor, the location s they are found, and the earliest date you can start the social link.

Shin Megami Tensei Persona 4 Quiz Answer List
  • The Investigation Team offer some theories but nothing definitive about the letter.
  • You can find these correct answers on each Arcana's page.
  • The player can earn new Personas from Shuffle Time, with the protagonist able to carry more Personas as he levels up.

For the most part, some floors of the dungeons are randomly generated, but some special floors contain the same layout. That night, after Yu gives Nanako her family photo in a frame, Nanako says that she hopes to reunite with her mother in Heaven. You need to come in from the same place every time. If you see them around town, spending time with them will most likely increase the friendship meter, but it won't increase the rank.

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Questions about Dating in Persona 4
Questions about Dating in Persona 4

Persona 4 dating list

The next day, Yu gets into an accident and has a dream, where he finally remembers that Marie was the one everyone spent time with. Having absorbed all the fog that would have been released when Ameno-Sagiri was defeated, Marie chose to vanish in the Hollow Forest to prevent the fog from being released to the human world. Links, though some are automatically offered initiated with the protagonist as time progresses.

There are only a couple times where one girl might get jealous For example that Yukiko scene above But nothing was lost. Yu and the others attempt to fight against Izanami, but Yu becomes hesitant when Izanami reveals Marie was once a part of her, fearing that defeating Izanami would destroy Marie too. And also if I want to ask Chie again to be my girlfriend I have to go back Six days in time to my previous save and lose about an hour in gameplay, dating sims full version free worth it?

Shin Megami Tensei Persona 4 Quiz Answer List

Persona 4 dating list

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Here, they can both access their Compendium which stores all Personas they've used before and fuse Personas to make new ones. The level of Personas that can be created are limited by the protagonist's current level. Namatame summons many Shadows that transforms him into the Persona named Kunino-sagiri.

After freeing himself from the debris from the Shadow's earlier attacks, Kanji charges at the Shadow, telling Naoto that he has grown past his struggle in making friends. To find out what he is up to, she decides to dress up as her favorite cartoon character, Magical Detective Loveline, and tries to follow him around. Together, Yu and Marie stand together against Izanami, defeating her and having her merge with Marie, who assures Yu she will always be nearby before disappearing. As the group splits up to hold off the Reapers, the real story behind Adachi is unveiled. Furious, an emotional Dojima attempts to walk into Namatame's ward and kill him, but is stopped by guards.

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Persona 4 dating list

The team goes through a stressful period as they wait for Nanako to recover. Refusing to let her disappear on her own, Yu and the others pursue Marie deeper into the forest, fighting off the powerful Shadows that stand in their way. Margaret mentions that not much time is left, and asks their guest if he will be able to discover the truth. The big bonus that you get come at Chrismast eve, were one of the girl will call and ask if she can spend the night over at your place, you can guess what she really want. Claiming he was responsible for all murders in Inaba to get people's attention, Mitsuo is taken away by the authorities.

Later, Adachi tells the group that Namatame tried to hit on Saki, which may have led to her death in the first place. Meanwhile, as the others manage to regroup, they are approached by Marie, who intends to let herself die so as to not cause the others pain. Or is just an occasional scene left out?

After Yu wakes up in a small hut alongside the others, who have also regained their memories of Marie, they are alerted to a television turning on by itself. She went to my room again, and I spent a long while with her. Back in Inaba, Naoto talks on the phone to someone, requesting some more information on the self-styled gang and the Midnight Channel. During the battle, Yu manages to make Yosuke accept the thoughts his Shadow expresses, allowing Izanagi to defeat it, transforming it into Yosuke's Persona named Jiraiya. Important roles for the localization team were Teddie and Rise, as they would be the party's supports.

The party can defeat these bosses to receive valuable equipment. It's gotta be a serial murder case! Yosuke is attacked, struck by a beam that causes him to age rapidly. How will this power come to shape your future, I wonder?

If I choose not to date someone, does the social link follow a completely different route? The group is unable to prevent her from disappearing, and after she is abducted, she begins to clearly appear on the Midnight Channel. Several weeks later, Kanji joins up with the group to find out who pushed him in the television world in the first place. They gave him a friend who was alive for only one day, and when his friend disappeared after the day, top hong kong he wished that he had never made his request if he knew how lonely it would make him feel after.

Links levels, while some S. The group confronts Izanami in the final dungeon, Yomotsu Hirasaka. In other projects Wikiquote. During an impromptu date Yu gets dragged into, Sayoko reveals her dismay that as a nurse, dating mesa boogie serial numbers everyone she meets at work leaves as soon as they get better. Social Links are special bonds formed between the Protagonist and other characters in the game.

Persona 4 dating list
  1. Margaret reveals that the friendships their guest has gained has formed the Judgement Arcana.
  2. New Personas are created by fusing two or more monsters to create a new one, which receives some of the skills passed down from its material monsters.
  3. They just happen to live in a place that's not a major metropolitan area.
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